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Remembering John Ward

  This page is dedicated to the memory of John Ward who died 50 years ago in a motor racing accident at Katoomba NSW.

John and his business partner Rod Coppins were on a motor racing holiday in Australia when the accident  happened.  John was  driving his Lotus Cortina which he had owned twice and been very successful with the car winning many class races in NZ.Rod and John drove a 3.8 Jaguar in the 1965 Wills 6 hour race and won it. John was to have had one of the new Escort Twin Cams when they came into NZ in 1969. Attached are a few pics and newspaper cuttings reflecting on John Ward-RIP

Top picture-John driving Lotus Anglia at Levin followed by Frank Hamlin-Jack Inwood Photo.

Middle picture-John at Bay Park-Barry Phillips Lotus Cortina right behind-Jack Inwood Photo.

Bottom Picture-John at Levin-Bill Cottle Photo.

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