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MINI  7- "In the begining Alec Issigonis created the mini - this is a review of how mini 7 racing was born in NZ....."


The origin of Mini Seven races started in about 1970 when Graeme Kinsella and Graham Sword wrote the first set of Mini Seven Regulations which I believe were based on the current UK rules of the day. Graham Sword designed the original logo.They promoted the rules and publicised them in the local motorsport publications. At this stage there had been 4 or so cars built and the drivers became aware that they needed a body to promote and enforce the rules and this is when on 20th May 1972 the first official Mini Seven Association was formed . Personell involved in this were Rick Constable, Alan Wright, Jim Harvey, Rob Semple ,Graeme Wilks (who later moved to Auckland and spread the word up there) and myself as chairman. At a later stage Robin Curtis negotiated the sponsorship with N P Croft Ltd for the Plastibond Mini 7 series. In the early stages we were running cars in Bank of Wales series, Osca, and modified saloons and clubmans meetings. Reg Cook showed his enthusiasm by coming down from Auckland for the first inurgural meeting held at Kimberley Hall Levin with his car's owner John Provo. This gave the northern connection it beginnings the Lyn Rogers built and raced a quick car and also became known for building good race engines. One other who travelled long distances to join was Ian Anderson from Bay of Plenty (Whakatane??). The Mini Seven Association was lucky that both Graeme and I were committee members of the Levin Motor Racing Club and we were able to put forward our formula to Syd Jensen who was the promoter and he gave us our opportunity to launch it at a national level.

Then we proceeded to go to MANZ Conference at Tauranga in 1972 where we put forward our rules to the AGM. We were advised to get them ratified through the Race Advisory Committee and once this was done , we became a MANZ affiliated club.

As mentioned earlier ,this was started in 1972 and the group above were involved through to June 1974. At the AGM the committee became Auckland based and most of us moved onto other motor sport activities, in my case was rallying.

Dates of Meetings were-

1972 - 20th May Inaugural Meeting

14th June Committee Meeting Levin

5th July Committee Meeting Wellington

2nd August Committee Meeting Wellington

6th September Committe Meeting Wellington

22nd September AGM Tauranga

4th October Committee Meeting Wellington

6th December Committee Meeting Wellington

1973- 6th February Committee Meeting Wellington

7th March Committee Meeting Wellington

3rd April Committee Meeting Wellington

2nd May Committee Meeting Wellington

19th July Committee Meeting Wellington

28th July AGM Te Puke

5th September Committee Meeting Paekakariki

3rd October Committee Meeting Paekakariki

31st October Committee Meeting Paekakariki

3rd December Committee Meeting Paekakariki

1974- 6th February Committee Meeting Paekakariki

5th June Committee Meeting Paekakariki

From there I have no further dates. Members of the last “southern” committee were John Bedford,

Shane Murland, Peter Parnell, Garrick laing, and Colin Surrey. Also believe Ian Kirk and Bryan Hartley were involved at some stage. The pages following show some of the articles and letters written to Editors to gain the exposure we need to get the formula “off the ground”.

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