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Cabbage Tree Corner Media has been set up to share the accumulated motorsport information on the New Zealand & Australian scene from pre-1950 to 2000.

This collection of knowledge and artifacts represents a life long collection although is now in Australia, is available to be shared by all. The data base is 20 years of “spare-time” in the data input spending upwards of hundred of hours per year to get to 160 000 line records (possibly a record in this sphere). A lot of data has been researched from many publications so at this point I acknowledge that the data is not only my work but of many others who should take credit also.

Whilst in New Zealand I helped many fellow enthusiasts do traces on their projects and found I was researching the same publications to come up with the information hence the idea of this project was born.

The name I chose for this venture Cabbage Tree Corner, is the association I had with Levin. It was the first track I drove on and having lived there for 20 years I still classify it as “home”. Cabbage Tree corner would have been one of the best known corners in New Zealand Motorsports History.


Since living in Australia, Lakeside is the local track - 3ks from home and I was proud to be part of the many motorsport fans who fought to save Lakeside. This was something we couldnt do in Levin. Also Lakeside has a great Kiwi connection and this to is worth recording.

I have a spread sheet history which is growing on Lakeside and would welcome any info that anyone has.




The database consists of historic records of every event that we have been able to research from club car trials to national championships. Within this information is the date, make of vehicle, capacity, event duration, lap times, race times and placings and any other pertinent comments relating to incidents.


The database can be used to create histories on cars, drivers, events and championships.


If you wish to find out about a driver, could be a relative, friend etc we can search and advise what we have for a small fee and in return will provide an Excel spreadsheet containing the history for you.

For further information please send us a message through our Contact page or Facebook page. 

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